Summer Showdown: Simulator Golf League

Indoor Golf League Rules

Summer Sim Showdown presented by Full Swing PT and Golf

May 13 – July 15

Full Swing is offering a simulator golf league with weekly tee times (Monday or Wednesday Night) and (Sunday Mornings). With a handicap system and multiple tee boxes available teams can be comprised of any combination of players. Open to all skill levels, this league gives everyone a chance to play and socialize.

All matches will take place at the Full Swing PT and Golf facility located in Longwood, FL. Our indoor facility means weather and daylight will not be a factor and matches will be consistent.

In addition to the lowest league fees in Orlando golf leagues, we are including more than just the matches. Players will have access to our onsite gym, training equipment, daily golf workouts, and opportunities for additional practice time. In addition, they will have discounted rates for lessons with our PGA instructors.


Teams will consist of 2 players. Teams can be comprised of any combination of players. Depending on the player (Men – Women – Senior) and their age, various tee boxes are available.

We are offering several tee times to best meet the schedules of players. Your teams will be asked what nights or dates they are not able to attend. Schedules will be released the week prior to the upcoming match. Teams are responsible for arriving ON TIME to scheduled matches.

Dates and Times

Our Summer Simulator League starts May 13 and runs for 9 weeks. Days of the week and tee times TBA. 


League Fees Paid in Full at Registration

Non-Members $300; Members – $150

Monthly Payment Options
Non-Members $100; Members $50

Weekly Competitions (Optional)
  • Combo ($25) All 3 Contest
  • Skins ($10) Cash Payout
  • 2 Closest To The Pin (CTTP) ($10) Prize
  • 2 Longest Drives ($10) Prize

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League Dues Include:

  • 1 hour Simulator time per month
  • Twice a week workout in the Full Swing golf gym
  • 10% off lessons from Full Swing instructors
    Food & Drinks
  • We are currently working with our partners and local businesses to offer meals and drink options at each event. Players will have the ability to donate per event or purchase a season ticket.
  • Tee Time Ticket – $7 (includes meal and unlimited soda)
  • Season Ticket – $70 (includes meals and unlimited soda/water) ALL SEASON LONG
  • Alcohol will be available.
  • Bottled water will be available for all players and guests.
  • No outside Food or Beverages are permitted.


  • Each team will play 14 matches. All teams make playoffs and will be seeded. 1 week will be allotted for make-up.
  • Teams will play a season schedule with chances to be a weekly winner.
  • Points will be assigned per weekly finish and combined for the season total. (Example: If there are 10 teams in the league, the lowest net team total (70) will receive 10 points, the second lowest team net (73) will receive 9 points, the third lowest (76), 8 points, etc.)
  • Teams will have a League recorded (ex: 6-4) as well as a league stroke total (ex: 700)
  • Handicap will be established after your first two rounds. They will continue to be adjusted for the next 2 rounds. Once your team establishes a handicap after 4 rounds it will remain throughout the rest of the rounds. **Handicaps are based on league rounds only.
  • The playoff format will consist of two divisions. It will be determined based on the number of teams in the league and their records.


  • Teams will play head-to-head. Lowest Score wins.
  • Matches will be 18 holes at one of our simulated courses each week (2 Majors).
  • A maximum Score for any hole is a Double Bogey!
  • Auto Putt will be enabled.
    (3 putt Outside 40ft) (2 putt inside 40ft)(1 putt inside 10ft)
  • Tie – In the event of a tie. Teams will replay Hole 18, 17, 16. If no winner is determined, a 1 shot per team CTTP will win.
  • No Mulligan’s will be permitted at any time. (However, if the system has an error, or there is a shot accidentally registered you must contact league administrators prior to the next shot being taken.)
  • If there is a discrepancy with a shot or league rule, in order to uphold the fairness of the league, the final decision will be left to the discretion of league administrators.

Simulator Rules

  • No Sharpie marks on any balls.
  • No cleats may be worn while using the simulator.
  • All shots must be played from the proper mat. Players must hit only when the system is set and ready.
  • Only hit from the designated hitting area.
  • Players not actively hitting must maintain a safe distance. All persons not competing must be out of the room.
  • 14 club limits in bag per player. All clubs must be conforming to USGA.

Late Arrivals/No Shows

Golfers are expected to be on time for their assigned tee times.

Late arrivals will receive a double bogey on each hole until they arrive. A 10-minute grace period is available IF players notify staff prior to tee time. A No Show or Call Out less than 24 hours in advance will receive a forfeit and a loss for league play.

Players must make up the tournament before the following week’s assigned tee time. Teams must contact Full Swing to schedule a tee time. Failure to do so will result in a score 1 stroke higher than the last-place team.


If Interested Contact:

Jesse Ayres
P: (941) 323-1627
E: [email protected]

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